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can you update the game your game has no download for us cuz we need to moved to online games please update it

where can I download this game

where is download

Please update the development and update log

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i love the car but there isnt a flip button for when you flip upside down

also i think your game died oof

Why do you think it died? Thousands of people are playing it daily, and the number is constantly increasing :)

i meant the comments, there hasnt been a comment for almost a month

Yep, all the party moved to Discord :) So that's why I haven't been posting here in a while.

On discord most of comments are "Hi" and random pictures

This is like web minecraft and since i am a poor child that cant afford such things, i honestly think that this is great.

Dude, my build already has a few hundred plays after just a few days!

So fun! I loved playing this awesome game! I really enjoyed this! Thank you for all of your hard work. Thanks!

Thank you too for playing my game! And stay tuned, cause FPS mode will appear soon!


Amazing! I especially like the blowing up, destroying, knocking over, shaking, eliminating, obliterating, liquidating, annihilating, exterminating and wrecking!

With building maybe you could do a click and drag way so its faster?

Paint Mode does exactly this :)

Here is my playthrough 

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Hi there, I am a youtuber and hope to get some support from you guys by leaving a like and subscribe at my channel.

To be honest, (I apologise for my harshness) I felt that the game is not very original. It is like a combination of minecraft and Garry's mod or with other games. The game is unattractive to me because of its resemblance to other games. I hope that a more original and creative idea and game can be created instead of building like in minecraft and destroying it with various different modern day equipment like Garry's mod or mods in minecraft.

I will continue looking forward to what the creator of the game will put up in the future and I hope that you understand what I am saying. I sincerely apologise for my harshness once more but this are my opinions towards your game. Thank you.

Thank you for the video! Yes, I totally understand your opinion. However, I plan to continuously add new features, like minigames or different multiplayer mods (all focused on destruction). So in the end, I hope the game will be more appealing :)

Great then! I will be looking forward to the game then. :)

Made a video


Thank you!

pls make it so things fall not like in minecraft that is flots i realy want it to fall if the blocks under it got distroid


That's an issue that I'd also like to solve, but can't due to performance reasons.

Right now, the blocks are fixed, and the CPU doesn't have to compute a lot of physics. For the blocks to fall freely when you crush something under them, all the blocks should be active physics objects (Rigidbodies, in Unity's terms :) ). And this will require a lot of physics calculations that will slow the game very much.

You can open a creation with a lot of blocks, and make an earthquake there. Because the earthquake makes all the blocks physics objects. And you can see that infernal lag this is causing :)

I'll try to find a solution to implement your idea, because it will be cool indeed :)

can we please go under the map, it ruined my underground bunker not being able to do that anymore! :(

Wow, you are still playing the game! That's a great pleasure to find out people return to it :) Yeah, screw the underground block, I removed it and even made it dark underground, so now the bunker is playable again :)

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Glad to hear this, and can't wait to see the school!

Hi, sorry to dissapoint you, but I had to reintroduce the underground blocking :D

The reason for this is that it did not play well with the new "Total Crush" effect when completly destroying a creation, and also with the new crushed blocks bar.

When underground blocks are pushed away by an explosion, they never hit something to be destroyed, so it's impossible to get a "Total Crush" with underground creations. Also a lot of players by mistake placed blocks undergroung, and it was impossible to achieve a "Total Crush" in those creations.

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Hey, thank you for your feedback! Yep indeed, the rocket controls are a little bit dumb indeed, I'll fix them.

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I really like your game. It's satisfying to destroy building. Great idea.


Thank you! Really glad you liked it :)

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